Loving Those Around Us

Be Prepared for the Holidays

Social events throughout the community are often an important part of holiday celebrations, and the people who plan them put a great deal of thought and energy into it. They see their goal as making it a perfect event for their family, friends and neighbors. The work they do is important for the event to be a success, but some of them invest too much into what they are doing. They might be ignoring their loved ones for the sake of a single day or event, and it can play havoc with their personal relationships. Getting too involved can be a way to mask a bad relationship, but it can also create a bad domestic situation if they are not careful.

Always Late
People who are too involved in a project tend to shunt aside their normal activities, and they can become forgetful of the needs of their spouse, children and other loved ones. If they are always late due to meetings or work for a holiday project, it can be a red flag that they are devoting too much energy to it. They need to find a balance in their life, or they need to explore the reasons their holiday project is taking over their entire life. If they continue to ignore it, the consequences can be the loss of all they hold dear in their personal life.

A Lack of Energy
Coming home after a long day of any type of work can be a time when a lack of energy is present, but those who spend extra energy on planning a yearly event can find it drains them. Their days are spent doing things for others, but they are unable to spend any time doing things for their family or their own needs. This can eventually cause issues with a partner when necessities are ignored, and it can turn the relationship into a battle between them. Their partner will see it as a betrayal of obligations, and they might lose the bond they have spent years forging if the situation does not clear up.

The Justifications
Those who become very involved in these types of projects are often volunteers, and many of them are seeking a way to feel better about their life. They might not necessarily understand they are unhappy with their current status, so they have difficulty defining what is wrong. Rather than try to untangle the issues that beset them, they list the justifications for what they are doing to their loved ones. They try to avoid their own issues by putting the needs of the community before those of their family.

Holiday events are often an important part of being a community member, but they should not supersede personal needs. A person who is in a relationship must understand that their needs, the needs of their partner and their family should always come first. If they are spending too much time and energy in planning the event, taking the time to find out why could save their relationship. While it is important to be involved, it should never be at the expense of family and friends.